Join Morph Ventures’ Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Network

EIR Network Overview

Every year, Morph Ventures, together with super smart, passionate founders and founding team members, ideate & launch 2-3 industry disruptive businesses localized for key markets in India, Southeast Asia or global business models with a US market initial focus. Our process is to develop ideas and theses through conversations with our extensive networks of experts, advisors and industry partners. The best of the best ideas are matched to an outstanding founding team. Morph Ventures provides the initial support and funding and is a co-founder in the business, helping the founding team get to scale and funding rounds.

Current Startup Studio Portfolio:

Who do we look for?

We are always on the lookout of smart, entrepreneurial people to join our EIR network. We expect you to be hungry to start a game-changing company or be part of an outstanding founding team. We also expect our EIR co-founders to proactively be part of our process of refining/distilling ideas in our mutual areas of interest in consumer internet, consumer brands and smart enterprise. We are also open to occasional big out of the box areas as well. Geographically EIRs can be based anywhere in India or Southeast Asia for country/region specific ideas, and additionally in the US for global ideas. Once matched to an idea that we will back, its off to the races together!

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Its simple – fill out the below form and if we see a fit we will connect with you to have an introductory chat within a week.